Whilst studying English and Philosophy at Swansea University College of Wales (in the late 1980's) I fell in love with both Wales and Philosophical literature.  A desire was formed then, to write my own philosophical novel, in the hope of helping others who might be feeling isolated and overwhelmed by their search for answers, in the same way I had felt as a young woman before I discovered meditation and like-minded friends.


I captured my love of Wales in my first novel Alone with Herself, which I currently seeking a publisher for, it is a philosophical novel set primarily in Wales.  In addition, I am also working on a collection of children's stories about magical creatures.  The Christmas Monster, is one such story, about a little boy at Christmas who tries to catch a tiny red creature that he finds in his mince-pie, then there's The Fairy who Refused to Fly, what is keeping her tied to the ground? And what will become of The Claustrophobic Babushka Doll will she ever break free?  


You can download some of my short stories from these pages, so enjoy!