Tidal Waves of Light


All around you

Are forces unseen

Tidal waves of Light

We can ride forever

On crashing powers of ecstasy


Running through you

Are tornadoes of sound

Roaring columns of power

That we can spiral higher on

Into the vibration of Aum


Deep within you

Is a sublime lake of bliss

Vast and mysterious

That we can dive silently into

To find sparkling pearls of joy


All around, deep within

Is the power of Creation

Light particles in and around us

Thrilling and vibrating

Electrifying life into being

Sound waves rolling

Intertwining, connecting

Humming the vast matrix of life


Our tiny bodies

Are mere specks of dust

In the silent presence

Of the unknown Infinite

Playing with us in all of Creation

Loving us, as Himself


 JML – 26.4.10 

Over the Seas


Over the seas, far away from Ireland

Where the land lay red and dusty

And koalas and kangaroos danced

A slow slow, hop hop dance together


A baby bird fluttered in its nest

As mother bird clacked and mocked

Its crazy bird song best

And the sun burned high in the

Bright blue sky, with cotton wisps

Of cloud, all burned to a crisp


A young man looked at the baby bird

Saw the mother with her knowing eye

And threw a challenge out to the sky

To tell two little girls, running free

In the green, rolling lands of Ireland

That they must be home in time for tea


Little girls dreaming all in the woods

Of red hot lands and a white rolling beach

And family presents, with kisses for each

Heard, or felt, or tickled, something

In their ear a whispering


They had been out late, playing in the woods,

dusk creeping down, shadows all around

fairies and queens, were sleeping

but elves and goblins

Were bopping and popping


Run home they would

What were they thinking?

To be out so late

Yes, maybe they should


They scampered away, hair flying

Arriving home in time for tea

And never knew, the baby bird

Laughed and cackled its first song

As the long hot day wore on.


The young man laughed

Turned and walked away

And so began, another

Gum tree, bright blue

Surf and sand, Australian day


JML - 13.6.10