Life Story

I was born with my twin sister, in Singapore in 1968.  At the time, my father was in the RAF and we returned to England when I was five months of age.  A brother soon followed.  My parents were both teachers and I grew up surrounded by education and sport.  My father was head of P.E at a large state high school and we trailed around after Dad, spending winters at football grounds and summers, at the cricket club.


I grew up in Harrow, North West London and studied English & Philosophy at Swansea University in Wales.  My time at Swansea was one of the happiest periods of my life, where I studied, played Lacrosse, danced the night away, read philosophical novels and lived by the beach.  What more could one ask for in life?


In the early 1990s, I travelled to Australia, to be with an Australian I had met in London, and my life changed forever.  I became a single parent in my mid- twenties and was unable to return to England.  Longing for Wales and grappling with isolation, I channelled my love of Wales and experiences of the joys and sorrows of solitude, into my first novel In the Solitude of Her Mind.   


In 2001, I returned to university and completed a Graduate Diploma in Law at University Technology of Sydney.  I found law, simply fascinating and it has helped my work enormously.  I have worked in publishing, administration, marketing, document control and policy writing, as well as legal research.  I am basically a wordsmith who loves helping people with their documents, in any shape or form.  


I currently live in Sydney with my husband on the Northern beaches, and occasionally see my adult daughter, when she can squeeze me into her busy social life!  Living on the Northern Beaches has been my happiest time in Sydney.  Clearly I am only content, when living by the sea! 


My husband and I met when he had been living with Motor Neurone Disease for three years, and we have had seven amazing years together; extremely unusual for a condition with a prognosis of 3-5 yrs.  As a result of my experiences as a full time carer, I am passionate about the rights of people with disabilities to be able to live a full and accessible life.  I am working on a project to to help people in wheelchairs more easily locate accessible housing.  


My personal life, whilst challenging at times, has also been rich and varied, providing much material to draw upon in my writings.   I hope to help people in similar situations, connect more deeply with their own innate joy and wisdom.


For over twenty five years I have been a student of the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda (1893 – 1952), an Indian saint who teaches that there is an underlying harmony amongst all religions.  I meditate daily using his meditation techniques and strive imperfectly, to put his liberating truths and ideals into practice.   Without the guidance and inspiration of his teachings, I would not be who I am today.